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Ok.. we’ve all slowly accepted Lester’s departure. So, what team do y’all think we might deal him to?


I don’t think they’d be dumb enough (then again, I didn’t think they’d be dumb enough to put themselves in this situation to begin with) to send him somewhere…

He IS going to the dodgers or cards. By tue baseball gods it better be the dodgers. I saw the most terrible rumor that Lackey is going with him.

Says who? Last I heard there were about six teams still on the table: Pirates, Jays, A’s, Cards, O’s and Dodgers. I doubt Lackey will be traded in the same deal, but he may be gone by Friday too. Not to be rude to any Buchholz fans, but the idea that this-season Clay Buchholz may be our number 1 starting pitcher makes me want to cry, mostly from laughing so hard.

I’m a Buchholz fan and I’m crying.

EVERYONE NEEDS TO STOP HATING ON BUCHHOLZ I AM SO SICK OF THIS SHIT. I am heartbroken over Lester, I hope, if he *HAS* to go…that he goes to the Dodgers. I live in LA now and would support him proudly everyday if he made it to the West Coast. He will however, ALWAYS be a Red Sox player. A Red Sox Ace. We’re losing someone really special</3 But everyone needs to kindly stfu about Buchholz. I won’t take any negatively. He had a better record than Lester last year if anyone recalls and he WILL do that again. I’ve said my peace. Thanks for reading

I think the people commenting about Clay on this post are not meaning to sound malicious. Lots of love for the man, just a little unhappy with a few performances.

Earlier this month he threw a career high 12 strikeouts in Houston. I was at that game and the dude was on fire. Frustrating hitters left and right.

We all would simply like to see him throwing like that a lot more often cause he’s absolutely capable of it.

We know Buccholz is capable of great pitching. He threw a no hitter earlier in his career and last year he was 11-0 at one point. He has the physical capability of being a #1 starter, but he doesn’t have the right mindset. Lester had it because he was confident in his stuff. You can tell by Clay’s body language that he is frustrated with himself at the slightest mistakes. He needs to build up his composure again

I’m frustrated with Buck BECAUSE OF HIS POTENTIAL. Though yes it comes off as get rid of him sometimes but I think it’s worse when you know a player is so capable yet is doing so poorly. As for Lester it’s probably going to be Dodgers. Part of me really hopes we get him back once he goes out into free agency land though. Highly doubt it but a girl can hope

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